SEA Games 31: Thailand won Gold Medal for the Women's Team Event

Both matches on the final day of the Women's team event at the 31st SEA Games took place extremely grippingly. The event ended with the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals belonged to Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines respectively.

In the final, Eila Galitsky’s exceptional performance along with just a bit of luck have won the 2nd Gold Medal for the Thailand’s delegation.

As per usual, Natthakritta Vongtaveelap is still the number one hope of the Thailand women's team, but perhaps having to compete for many days in a row has made this athlete's performance somewhat reduced. The women's individual gold medalist was led by Malaysia's Mirabel Ting Ern Hui by 1 Up on the 3rd hole, and that gap was maintained until the 16th hole.

Natthakritta Vongtaveelap luckily drew a tie with her opponent.

An unexpected turn of event happened on the 17th hole when Hui's caddie made a rudimental mistake. Noticing Hui's ball was lying directly in front of a divot, the caddie stomped a few times into the position which is directly in front of the ball and this was seen as an improved play behavior. The action of the caddie was seen by the referee in charge of the match, and as a result Hui was immediately adjudged to lose the hole.

At the 18th hole, Vongtaveelap succeeded in drawing a tie with her opponent and earned 0.5 points for Thailand.

In the remaining match, Eila Galitsky showed a completely different side of herself compared to her previous 3 rounds. Went up agaisnt world No. 64 golfer Jeneath Wong, nevertheless Galitsky showed an unbelievable composure. Losing 1 Up on hole 3rd, Galitsky quickly tied out on hole 5th and took the lead 1 Up on hole 7th. Right after tieing on hole 10th, the Thailand golfer also immediately gained a 1 Up advantage on the next hole. Since then, the 1 Up gap has been maintained by Eila Galitsky until the end of 18 holes, which resulted in the overall victory for Thailand.

Thus, in both women's events (Individual and Team), Thailand won the Gold Medal.

In the Bronze medal match, the brilliance of Rianne Mikhaela Malixi Aala brought the Philippines victory over Singapore. After defeating the Silver Medalist of Women's Individual - Aloysa Mabutas Margiela Atienza with a convincing 3&2, Aala was selected to play the playoff against Hailey Loh Suanne, who had beaten Lois Kaye Go Lo with a result of 4&3.

The playoff then went through the first 3 holes without a victory when both of them had earned par points. The tension was then broken thanks to Aala's successful birdie chip-in in the 4th playoff hole, thereby bringing an important medal to the Philippines team.

As for Singapore, they lost both of their bronze medal matches on the final day of competition. Before that, Singapore’s male team were defeated by Indonesia with a score of 1-2.

SEA Games 31st ended with the most successful teams Malaysia and Thailand with the same 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal. Indonesia has 1 silver and 1 bronze, Singapore has 1 silver, the Philippines has 1 bronze.

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