Former National Golf players shared thoughts about SEA Games.

Ngo Bao Nghi and Do Le Gia Dat are not unfamiliar names for Vietnamese golf fans. They are former National Golf players who have participated in four consecutive SEA Games.

 Gia Dat and Bao Nghi (second and third from the left) along with Vietnam’s Golf team at SEA Games 28th.

Ngo Bao Nghi is the former number one female golfer in Vietnam who has won many national tournaments and continuously dominated in young tournaments since 2008. Possessing a massive record of achievements, Bao Nghi continue to be a part of the national team to attend the SEA Games and ASIAD.

Ngo Bao Nghi - the belle of Vietnamese Golf.

Sharing about the largest sports event in Southeast Asia, the female golfer from Vung Tau said: "SEA Games is the largest sports event in the area and gathers some of the best amateur golfers. This tournament is also a chance for the countries to showcase their national pride therefore it holds such significant meaning. In addition, SEA Games is a valuable oppotunity for our athletes to learn and get to know international friends".

Having attended SEA Games many times, despite not being able to achieve outstanding results, Bao Nghi is still very proud to have the chance to represent Vietnam.

Referring to the young talents of the National Golf team participating in this year SEA Games, the 1993 golfer adviced her junior colleagues to be confident and courageous, not to put too much pressure on themselves and get ready to work hard as well as play hard, then good things will surely come their way.

Previously, Ngo Bao Nghi participated in the 2022 National Golf Championship and exchanged experience to help her juniors became more confident in their preparation for the upcoming SEA Games 31st.

Do Le Gia Dat in the national team’s uniform attending the 29th SEA Games.

As for Do Le Gia Dat, he is known as a crucial member of the team in the previous SEA Games. After Ngo Bao Nghi, Gia Dat is the second Vietnamese golfer to be ranked in WAGR (the official ranking of the world's top amateur golfers).

Sharing about the opportunity to participate in the largest sports event in the area, the male golfer expressed his joy to have a chance to rub shoulders and learn from international friends since he was young. Gia Dat shared: “Other countries like Thailand or Malaysia, their golf background has been developed for a long time, so they play quite well at SEA Games and every year they will have an improvement. In general, it is a good occasion for me to rub shoulders with them.”

Gia Dat also advised his juniors that if they already had a good game plan and  could maintain it, they are completely qualified to compete at SEA Games 31st.

Members of the Vietnam’s golf team at SEA Games 31st.

Vietnam’s golf team at the 31st SEA Games is said to be the youngest  team in the history of this sport. However, the coaching staff is very confident in each player’s ability and has set a specific goal of reaching the top 5 for male athletes, and the top 4 for female athletes at SEA Games 31st.

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